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Dr. Nancy North


Dr. North has been a practicing chiropractor for over 40 years and recently relocated to Encinitas, California. Dr. North was listed as Best Doctor of Chiropractic by SELF magazine and has treated Olympic Athletes and Pro-Rodeo Stars for decades. As a serious athlete herself, Dr. North was a national fast pitch softball champion, a USASA snowboarding national medalist, and a senior softball world champion. Dr. North believes everyone deserves the same level of care that professional athletes receive and she is here to provide it.

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Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner

Advanced sports injury techniques continue to represent the cutting edge of research into the care and treatment of any injury. Sports chiropractic is always ahead of its time. Whether you are a weekend warrior with strained muscles, a serious athlete with an injured ligament, or a couch potato with knee pain, Dr. North will get you well faster than you probably thought possible.

Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner

The specialty of treating extremities in chiropractic fits perfectly with sports and orthopedic medicine. Correcting the mechanical functioning and alignment of shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankles helps a patient hold their neck and back in place much longer than average chiropractic treatment. This means less time spent in the doctor’s office and more time spent on the things you want to be doing.

Beyond Pain Relief: Enhancing Your Performance with Dr. North

Whole Body Adjustment

Pain and dysfunction relief in some of the most common problem areas, including the neck, back, hips, and shoulders.

Custom Orthotics

Dr. North ensures the 52 bones of the foot are aligned before molding your shoe insoles to mirror their correct placement. Unlike traditional methods, this allows the orthotics to hold the benefits of your adjustment in place every time you put on a shoe.

Body Tune Up

You don’t have to wait for pain and severe discomfort before getting an adjustment. A body tune up will increase comfort and performance athletically, professionally, domestically and even recreationally.

Self-help Methods

Dr. North strives for quick and effective treatment solutions and has an aversion to long drawn out treatment plans. To this effect, she will teach you how to fix yourself to avoid additional office visits.

Hear What Patients Have To Say About Dr. North

Dr Nancy North is an amazing chiropractor and sports doctor. I have been going to Dr North for over 15 years in Albuquerque. She has treated me for a variety of issues including plantar fasciitis, back pain, knee and foot issues. Dr North cured my plantar fasciitis which was life changing along with the pain relief she provided for my back and knees. I would highly recommend Dr Nancy North. She is a miracle worker!

Helen C.

Excellent service !!! I never been in chiropractic before and was kinda skeptical 🙂 But the Wonderful Lady North with 40 years experience!, she changed my mind completely!!! She quickly explored my body issues, fixed my knee that was in pain, and elaborated issues and gave advice with my neck pain! Highly recommended!!!

Igor K.

I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and have had the pleasure of both working with and receiving personal treatment from Dr. Nancy North for the last 17 years. She is knowledgeable and skilled, and takes the time to properly assess the root cause of a patient’s pain so corrective methods can also be applied at home – whether it be orthotics, stretching or strengthening exercises. Albuqerque, NM lost a stellar chiropractor when she relocated to California!

Dr. Jay

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