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Chiropractic Treatment for
Chronic Lower Back Pain

Did you know that statistics reveal low back pain as the #1 complaint over all diseases in the U.S.A?

There's another statistic, too. Once your back "goes out on you" even one time, there's a 65% chance that it will happen again within the next year or two. When that happens you will have a 100% chance of experiencing a spectrum of chronic low back problems the rest of your life.

There are two important reasons for this. One is that the soft tissue, (mainly ligaments), that are injured in low back sprains, pinched nerves, and disc episodes etc, are replaced by a cheaper grade of tissue that is less flexible and strong as the tissue you were born with during the healing process. The second reason is the natural low back curve of the spine, which maintains stability, isn't able to right itself and so is set up half-out of position for the problem to happen again and again.

There is a fast, easy method to completely change forever this pattern - even if you're already arthritic with advanced degeneration in your spine - to actually reverse this problem and get in control of your low-back health. It takes just a couple of visits to assess and show you how to safely and painlessly "fix your own" back.

Trust me, I know this works. When I started using this method in my practice almost twenty years ago, my chiropractic practice went down 75% in one month. (You see, there is a self-help technique for the neck too.) And I fixed my chronic episodes of "slipped disc" in my own back and haven't had a problem since.

Of course, my business continues to flourish for doing the right thing and I have recieved two more degrees in sports injuries to widen my array of helping other patients' needs other than back problems. This technique and reasons why it works will make perfect sense to you and there is no risk in acquiring this knowledge. In other words, you have nothing to lose in finding out if this technique will work for you.

By: Dr. Nancy North



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