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Chiropractic Treatment for
Knee Pain

Chronic arthritic pain and repetitive knee injuries and strains will leave you wondering if you’ll ever be able to run again, sit in a movie theatre any length of time or negotiate hills and stairs anymore.

Believe it or not, I have simple mechanical tests that will determine why physical therapy, surgery, cortisone shots, rehabilitation exercises and medications have left you lacking in everyday functioning of the knee.

My patients know from the first office visit if they are in the right place to fix their knee. Then it’s just a matter of stabilizing the mechanical changes which take pressure off the weakened pain sites to enable a steady recovery after just a few visits to my office. Then you’ll finish treatment on your own and be in control of any flare-ups. I don’t consider a patient “well” unless they are back performing their much-missed activities fully functional and pain-free. Educating the patient and showing them how to fix their knee themselves ensures this result.

By: Dr. Nancy North



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