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Chiropractic Treatment for Foot Pain

Foot orthotics - Shoe inserts that are custom-made to alleviate pain and dysfunction.

Functional Orthotics- orthotics that change kinetic working of the body from the foot all the way to the base of the skull with long-lasting, positive effects resulting in a partial or full reversal of chronic dysfunction.

Accomodative orthotics - orthotics which accomodate the problem but never change the dynamics of the "cause" of the problem resulting in a possible quick fix but a continuing decline in function.

What would you rather have? If your doctor has not corrected the 52 bones in your feet (that determine how you use your muscles up to the base of your skull), before they take a mirror image to make your orthotic, then you are in an accommodative orthotic. It's like being cast in a pathological position which supports your "weakness" as opposed to "changing" the weakness. If you are wearing one of the "hard plastic" designs, then a portion of your foot will be disabled in its function as several bones are now locked and limited in their motion.

All orthotics are not created equal and neither are the results. If you're trusting your New Balance or Nike to do the work for you, understand that even the best of shoes are inconsistent these days in their orthopedic workmanship and benefits. Learning how to pick a shoe model that best fits your orthopedic strengths and weakness can do much to reduce injury and keep longevity in your game.

By educating the patient on this information and making an orthotic that actually addresses the cause of the foot, knee, hip or low back dysfunction, the results are so consistent with improvement for the patient that I actually guarantee them.

By: Dr. Nancy North



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